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Founded in 1983, the Bangalore based R L Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd., is one of the fastest growing research based pharmaceutical company in India. We are having four manufacturing plants, out of which one is approved by USFDA, Japan Govt, AFMC, COFEPERIS and CEP. Exporting over 75% of its APIs across the Globe. 


RLFC Has won the trust of more than 550 customers across 62 countries around the globe covering the US, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Asia Pacific, Africa and CIS markets. The company is engaged in the manufacture of DRUG SUBSTANCE segments such as- psychotropic, CNS. The company is specialized in various reactions like Grignard Reactions, Hydrogenation, Friedal Crafts Reaction, Alkylation, Darzen Reaction, Schiffs Base, Willgerodt Kindler Reaction, Ullmann. Reaction etc.


Our specialization in Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, Antiepileptic, Antipsychotic, Antihistaminic, Anticonvulsant, Antipsychotic, Antimalarial, Muscle Relaxant, Motion Sickness, H1 Receptor Antagonist, Antihypertensive, Antispasmodic and Hypnotic have created a global identity. Our product basket offers over 65 APIs.


The average experience of the team is 15 years, covering synthetic chemistry, process engineering, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Planning, Project Management and Environmental Safety. Pro-active marketing, robust IP strategy, innovative R&D expertise, Talent Management and insight driven IT are among the others.


We at RLFC will try to maintain safe and environment friendly manufacturing facility by ensuring that all EHS requirements are integrated with all business activities. With automated Fire Hydrant System and well-built EHS team we are maintaining the safety attire. By sending all waste out puts for recycling procedures and ZLD plant with dedicated supporting facility RLFC is Building the hazard free ecosystem.



  • Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)
  • Impurities & Reference Standard
  • Stability trail samples for oral solid dosage form
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Pre-formulation studies(drug-excipient interaction studies)


  • Experience in preparing DMF in CTD Format
  • 29 yeras of knowledge in developing and scaling up products
  • In-house R&D approved by DSIR
  • Can Develop and deliver products from gram to multi tons levels
  • Exceptional Capabilities in Grignard Reaction
  • Sodamide Based Alkylation
  • N and O Alkylation
  • Borohydride Reductions
  • Green Chemistry


At R L Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. we believe in the process of continuously looking for new avenues for improving the business.


A pioneering spirit. A Collaborative nature. And the resources and skill to bring improved quality of life to market.

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